descriptionRogue (1980), an entry in the PPHS Dating Sim Jam
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Rogue (1980), an entry in the PPHS Dating Sim Jam

This is a reconstruction of the early videogame Rogue, from an alternative universe.

2014-03-18 Joe WreschnigAdd README. master
2013-04-07 Joe WreschnigMaybe better compatibility...
2013-04-07 Joe WreschnigCompatibility with old-but-newer-than-C89 compilers.
2013-04-07 Joe WreschnigAggravate a monster if a flirt or gift was unsuccessful.
2013-04-07 Joe WreschnigInclude partner in score list.
2013-04-07 Joe WreschnigTweak liking thresholds. Required interest rate is...
2013-04-07 Joe WreschnigAnother 64 bit issue.
2013-04-07 Joe WreschnigRename the dungeons.
2013-04-07 Joe WreschnigHugging angers monsters that don't like you enough...
2013-04-06 Joe Wreschnig1981 C really sucked.
2013-04-06 Joe WreschnigWin logic, but doesn't trigger right yet.
2013-04-06 Joe WreschnigBetter pronoun.
2013-04-06 Joe WreschnigMonsters will only accept gifts if they are slightly...
2013-04-06 Joe WreschnigSufficiently interested monsters will now accept gifts.
2013-04-06 Joe WreschnigUse ^ rather than & so the player can't be generated...
2013-04-05 Joe WreschnigMonsters now have an orientation which can be inclined...
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