2010-03-21 Joe WreschnigNew S-shaped falling bullet pattern.
2010-03-21 Joe WreschnigDocumentation updates. Version 1.
2010-03-21 Joe WreschnigBasic static/moving circle collisions. (Fixes issue #5)
2010-03-20 Joe WreschnigIntegration and coverage tests. (Fixes issue #2)
2010-03-20 Joe WreschnigIntern type strings for faster comparison during action...
2010-03-20 Joe WreschnigFix Python 3 incompatibility.
2010-03-20 Joe WreschnigFix bad example YAML doc.
2010-03-20 Joe WreschnigFix muscle memory writing bad code.
2010-03-20 Joe WreschnigAdd <tag> support to BulletDef and FireDef.
2010-03-20 Joe WreschnigBullet: Fix docstring.
2010-03-20 Joe WreschnigBetter variable name, self -> doc.
2010-03-20 Joe WreschnigBullet.FromDocument: Abstract weird constructor handling.
2010-03-20 Joe WreschnigRemove unused argument.
2010-03-19 Joe WreschnigBetter support for custom action handling and custom...
2010-03-19 Joe WreschnigMention BulletYAML support. (Fixes issue #6)
2010-03-19 Joe WreschnigFix broken repr.
2010-03-19 Joe WreschnigExpose only top-level actions, not bullets or firings.
2010-03-19 Joe WreschnigDebug check should not have been committed.
2010-03-19 Joe WreschnigOrder state elements to generate more readable YAML.
2010-03-19 Joe WreschnigBulletML.FromDocument: Type detector. Various setstate...
2010-03-19 Joe WreschnigYAML wrapper.
2010-03-19 Joe Wreschnigparser: Support __getstate__/__setstate__ protocol.
2010-03-19 Joe WreschnigNumberDef: Store 'expr' field, a string for things...
2010-03-18 Joe WreschnigPython 3 support.
2010-03-18 Joe WreschnigWait: Actually don't do anything special for wait frame...
2010-03-18 Joe WreschnigIf a ChangeDirection, ChangeSpeed, Accel, or Wait actio...
2010-03-18 Joe WreschnigOptimizations:
2010-03-18 Joe WreschnigPsyco-enable the test runner. Fix a copy/paste error.
2010-03-18 Joe WreschnigPrevent divide by zero when the elapsed time is too...
2010-03-18 Joe WreschnigBullet tagging. (Fixes issue #7)
2010-03-18 Joe WreschnigFix reference quotation.
2010-03-18 Joe Wreschnig<offset>: Parse, evaluate, and example test case. ...
2010-03-18 Joe WreschnigPatter editing.
2010-03-18 Joe WreschnigAction: Get owner and rank during the step function...
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigNot 1.0 yet.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigDocumentation.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigFix template.xml typo.
2010-03-17 Joe Wreschnigbulletml-parse is a dumb program.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigBulletML: FromDocument for parity with FromElement.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigNew example of a normal enemy pattern.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigAction: Fix probable bug in direction handling when...
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigMention example PD license.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigInclude 60Hz bullet estimate.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigRelease preparation.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigMinor optimizations.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigFire, relative: I'm certain the reference implementatio...
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigINumberDef: Pre-int-round static values.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigBullet.finished: Check vanished before checking actions...
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigConvert degrees to radians at expression evaluation...
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigDocstrings.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigSeparate element constructors from regular constructors.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigNumberDef: Bind random and builtins in a separate dicti...
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigFix pageup/pagedown during empty events.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigEvaluation optimizations.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigBullet: Track previous X/Y.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigExample files.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigTest runner improvements.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigGet my coordinate systems straight - 0,0 will be upper...
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigKnock out final bugs caused by misparenting. Runs all...
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigActionDef: Append based on parsing the subelement,...
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigPygame-based runner.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigCreate Bullets from documents.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigImplementation.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigAccel: Better call return data.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigDirection, Speed: Better call return data.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigTest parser.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigParser, lacking most implementation.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigINumberDef: Rounding version of NumberDef.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigDocstrings.
2010-03-15 Joe WreschnigExpression evaluator.