descriptionPixel Witch Lesson #6
ownerYukkuri Games (Git)
last changeSun, 15 May 2016 21:12:34 +0000 (23:12 +0200)

Pixel Witch Lesson #6

This is the source code for Pixel Witch Lesson #6.

It's free software, but we'd rather you only check it out if you want to use some of it for your own projects, learn from it, or otherwise want to dig into the code rather than just play the game.

If you just want to play it, there's an in-browser version. If you like it, please buy a nicely-packaged version.

2016-05-15 Joe WreschnigUpdate with more iOS details. master
2016-05-15 Joe WreschnigFix play link.
2015-08-02 Joe WreschnigRebalance titles in overlays.
2015-08-02 Joe WreschnigDisable text selection in preferences.
2015-08-02 Joe WreschnigRemove unused sound files.
2015-08-02 Joe WreschnigDisplay more information about decoding errors.
2015-07-13 Joe WreschnigInclude URL in audio load error message.
2015-07-12 Joe WreschnigUpdate details of free version in README.
2015-07-12 Joe WreschnigUpdate nw.js version.
2015-07-12 Joe WreschnigSimplify chdir shenanigans when building
2015-06-28 Joe WreschnigRemove unused cache.
2015-04-24 Joe WreschnigSpecial-case yuu.Instrument for single-sample sounds.
2015-04-24 Joe WreschnigAssume createBufferSource got a sample if not a string.
2015-04-24 Joe WreschnigExclude built files to speed up greps.
2015-04-24 Joe WreschnigStill need sounds.winding for raw access.
2015-04-22 Joe WreschnigUse new animation hooks (but still preload sounds).
7 years ago v1.2 Version 1.2.
7 years ago v1.1 Version 1.1.
7 years ago v1.0 Version 1.0.
5 years ago master