2014-09-01 Jesschange some wording
2014-08-31 Jesschange the wording into a pun!
2014-08-31 Jessicaadd error log
2014-08-31 Jessadd future url module to other templates
2014-08-31 Jessload url from future
2014-08-31 Jessadd new theme
2014-08-30 Jessicamake urls work
2014-08-30 Jessupdate nginx conf
2014-08-29 Jessadd nginx conf file
2014-08-29 Jessinitial uwsgi config
2014-08-28 Jesschange favicons
2014-08-28 Jessswitch debug mode off
2014-08-28 Jessremove all useless .pyc files
2014-08-27 Jessadd typeahead for tournament names
2014-08-27 Jessadd redirect to meta index
2014-08-27 Jessuse template extensions
2014-08-25 Jessreduce cutoff weight for prettier descriptions?
2014-08-25 JessMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.yukkurigames...
2014-08-25 Jesstry out django
2014-08-25 Jesstry out django
2014-08-22 Jessscrew git
2014-08-22 Jessmove static web content into designated static/ folder
2014-08-22 Jessx# Please enter the commit message for your changes...
2014-08-22 Jessbacon