2014-10-06 Joe WreschnigReset audio offset every tick.
2014-09-23 Joe WreschnigAdd half-width, half-height, and center accessors to...
2014-09-23 Joe WreschnigHelper to set anchor without changing position value.
2014-09-23 Joe WreschnigAllow passing a material name to QuadC.
2014-09-23 Joe WreschnigAdd Safari-checking function.
2014-09-23 Joe WreschnigMove includes back to top until they can get real atten...
2014-09-23 Joe WreschnigExpose MediaElement constructor.
2014-09-23 Joe WreschnigDisable DPR != 1 on Safari.
2014-09-23 Joe WreschnigWork around a Safari JIT bug.
2014-09-23 Joe WreschnigFix CSS font URLs.
2014-09-22 Joe WreschnigAnimation.
2014-09-22 Joe WreschnigIcon.
2014-09-22 Joe WreschnigDon't downsample ico colors.
2014-09-22 Joe Wreschniggit-describe must be available at recipe definition.
2014-09-22 Joe WreschnigDownload to temp files as PRECIOUS interferes with...
2014-09-22 Joe WreschnigDocument some of the build process.
2014-09-22 Joe WreschnigReorganize build rules.
2014-09-22 Joe WreschnigInitial import.