2014-09-11 Joe WreschnigOutlines look very ugly on rotating things.
2014-09-11 Joe WreschnigUpgrade Fira Sans fonts to 3.111.
2014-09-10 Joe WreschnigSmaller deindent to h3.
2014-09-10 Joe WreschnigRedundant word and attribute.
2014-09-10 Joe WreschnigAdd actually support for programs.
2014-09-10 Joe WreschnigMultiline h3s are okay, I guess.
2014-09-10 Joe WreschnigCrush PNGs.
2014-09-10 Joe WreschnigRandomize order.
2014-09-07 Joe WreschnigMore links.
2014-09-07 Joe WreschnigAdd mlpccg-meta.
2014-09-04 Joe WreschnigMore direct privacy git link.
2014-09-04 Joe WreschnigMatch description to itch.io.
2014-09-04 Joe WreschnigPWL#6 live.
2014-09-04 Joe WreschnigStill smaller logo.
2014-09-04 Joe WreschnigSmaller logo.
2014-09-04 Joe WreschnigLarger logo.
2014-09-04 Joe WreschnigPWL6 site logo.
2014-09-04 Joe WreschnigCopyedit and try obscuring emails automatically.
2014-09-04 Joe WreschnigLink in other pages.
2014-09-04 Joe WreschnigIt's us.
2014-09-04 Joe WreschnigMatch border on games to top/bottom.
2014-09-04 Joe WreschnigAdjust outer borders and background.
2014-09-04 Joe WreschnigAdd support pages.
2014-09-03 Joe WreschnigInitial import.