Yukkuri Games


Mobile Browsers

If we labeled something "(Mobile) Browser" this means you can use it as a standalone app on your phone or tablet. It will work even when you're not connected to the Internet, and the will change to better fit a browser-less UI.

We try to support iOS 6+, and Android Chrome (which means Android 4.0+). The sites will still work fine in most other mobile browsers, but you won't be able to save them easily for offline use.

On iOS 6, use the Share button. On iOS 7, use the Share button. On Android Chrome, use the Share button. Then choose Add to Home Screen.

The app will auto-upgrade when you run it while connected to the Internet. Though, this upgrade process often fails because of poor browser support for offline mode - if something goes wrong, you can just delete the application and add it again. Sorry about that.


As much as possible we've placed stuff under free software or free culture licenses. That means you can do pretty much whatever you want with anything you find on our site, as long as you ensure other people can do the same thing with what you make.

Most software we've licensed under the GNU General Public License, though some parts may be under more liberal licenses.

We also make play aids, expansions, and variants for other people's games The original games aren't always free, and we don't want to lay any claim (exclusive or otherwise) to them. So this work is usually released into the public domain.

If you believe we've violated your licensing terms or otherwise misattributed some of your work, please let us know via email.

Other Problems?

If you have other problems or questions about our site, our software, or using our source code, email us at yuu at yukkurigames.com.