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12 <title>Support ~ Yukkuri Games</title>
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28 <h1>Support</h1>
29 </header>
30 <main>
31 <h2>Common Issues</h2>
32 <p>
33 If your problem isn't covered by the suggestions below, please
34 <a href=""
35 onclick="this.href=this.href.replace(/[A-Z]/g, '')"
36 >email us</a>. Include as much
37 information as you can about your computer's operating system
38 and hardware, especially its GPU.
39 </p>
40 <h3>"WebGL isn't supported" on Windows</h3>
41 <ul>
42 <li>
43 Install the
44 <a href="">DirectX End-User Runtime</a>
45 from Microsoft.
46 </li>
47 <li>
48 Check if <a href="">your regular
49 browser supports WebGL</a>. If it doesn't, try following the
50 instructions there to enable it.
51 </li>
52 </ul>
53 <h3>"WebGL isn't supported" on GNU/Linux</h3>
54 <ul>
55 <li>
56 Check if <a href="">your regular browser
57 supports WebGL</a>. If it doesn't, try following the
58 instructions there to enable it.
59 </li>
60 <li>
61 Most GNU/Linux distributions offer two (or more) drivers for
62 popular video cards, a free one and a proprietary one. Try
63 switching to the other one. Unfortunately, this process is
64 different between different distributions and different
65 graphics cards, so we can't describe it here. Try
66 <a href="">the official documentation for video drivers on Ubuntu</a>,
67 <a href="">Valve's guide to video drivers on Ubuntu</a>,
68 or <a href="">RPMFusion's guide to NVIDIA drivers on Fedora</a>.
69 </li>
70 </ul>
71 <h3 id=gatekeeper>
72 Gatekeeper / "can't be opened because it is
73 from an unidentified developer" on Mac OS X
74 </h3>
75 <p>
76 Open <strong>System Preferences</strong>,
77 pick <strong>Security &amp; Privacy</strong> and select
78 the
79 <strong>General</strong> tab. Change the "Allow applications
80 downloaded from" selection to <strong>Anywhere</strong>.
81 (You might need to click on the lock icon and enter your
82 password first.)
83 </p>
84 <p>
85 If you're nervous about enabling programs from anywhere and
86 only want to run this one program, you can right-click (/
87 two-finger tap / control-click) on the application and choose
88 <strong>Open</strong>.
89 </p>
90 <p>
91 However, we really recommend disabling Gatekeeper entirely.
92 Even set to <strong>Anywhere</strong> you'll still get a
93 warning when you first run unidentified programs. Repeated
94 mistakes on Apple's part have ruined whatever security it
95 might have offered, and because they've mixed the security
96 features up with their commercial interests in the App Store,
97 they're unlikely to fix the problem.
98 </p>
99 <h3>Unable to load file://...</h3>
100 <p>
101 You've probably cloned one of our Git repositories or unpacked
102 a <code>.nw</code> file yourself and tried to open the game's files
103 directly in your browser. Unfortunately, browsers disable most
104 access to local files for security reasons, so you can't
105 run things like this.
106 </p>
107 <p>
108 If you're running files exactly from a <code>.nw</code> file, you
109 can replace that file with a directory of the same name, and
110 the included
111 <a href="">node-webkit</a>
112 shell will use the files in the directory.
113 </p>
114 <p>
115 If you're not using node-webkit, you'll need to run a local
116 HTTP server. Some of our projects will do this automatically
117 if you run <code>make serve</code>; otherwise you can probab
118 y run <code>python -m SimpleHTTPServer</code> and then open
119 <code>http://localhost:8000</code> in your browser.
120 </p>
122 <h2 id=mobile>Mobile Browsers</h2>
123 <p>
124 If we labeled something "(Mobile) Browser" this means you can
125 use it as a standalone app on your phone or tablet. It will
126 work even when you're not connected to the Internet, and the
127 will change to better fit a browser-less UI.
128 </p>
129 <p>
130 We try to support iOS 6+, and Android Chrome (which means
131 Android 4.0+). The sites will still work fine in most other
132 mobile browsers, but you won't be able to save them easily for
133 offline use.
134 </p>
135 <p>
136 On iOS 6, use the <img src=share-ios6.png alt=Share> button.
137 On iOS 7, use the <img src=share-ios7.png alt=Share> button.
138 On Android Chrome, use the <img src=share-android.png alt=Share> button.
139 Then choose <strong>Add to Home Screen</strong>.
140 </p>
141 <p>
142 The app will auto-upgrade when you run it while connected to
143 the Internet. Though, this upgrade process often fails because
144 of poor browser support for offline mode - if something goes
145 wrong, you can just delete the application and add it again.
146 Sorry about that.
147 </p>
149 <h2>Licenses</h2>
150 <p>
151 As much as possible we've placed stuff under <a href="">free software</a> or <a href="">free culture</a> licenses.
152 That means you can do pretty much whatever you want with
153 anything you find on our site, as long as you ensure other
154 people can do the same thing with what you make.
155 </p>
156 <p>
157 Most software we've licensed under the
158 <a href="">GNU General
159 Public License</a>, though some parts may be under more
160 liberal licenses.
161 </p>
162 <p>
163 We also make play aids, expansions, and variants for other
164 people's games The original games aren't always free, and we
165 don't want to lay any claim (exclusive or otherwise) to them.
166 So this work is usually released into the public domain.
167 </p>
168 <p>
169 If you believe we've violated your licensing terms or
170 otherwise misattributed some of your work, please let us know
171 <a href=""
172 onclick="this.href=this.href.replace(/[A-Z]/g, '')">via email</a>.
173 </p>
174 <h2>Other Problems?</h2>
175 <p>
176 If you have other problems or questions about our site, our
177 software, or using our source code,
178 <a href=""
179 onclick="this.href=this.href.replace(/[A-Z]/g, '')"
180 >email us</a>.
181 </p>
182 </main>
183 </body>
184 </html>