Update documentation to reflect new numericLerp behavior.
[string-lerp.git] / string-lerp.js
2014-05-19 Joe WreschnigUpdate documentation to reflect new numericLerp behavior.
2014-05-19 Joe WreschnigSplit diffLerp into basic and astral helpers for type...
2014-05-19 Joe WreschnigLerp precision.
2014-05-19 Joe WreschnigHave numericLerp work in fixed point based on the longe...
2014-05-19 Joe WreschnigFinish renaming a/b/p to source/target/amount. Start...
2014-05-19 Joe WreschnigFix some busted comments and argument names.
2014-05-19 Joe WreschnigReplace switch table with data-based slicing.
2014-05-19 Joe WreschnigRename levenshteinMatrix to costMatrix. Better argument...
2014-05-13 Joe WreschnigAdd some licensing, etc. metadata.
2014-05-13 Joe WreschnigTweak to Levenshtein costs to prefer ins/del to sub...
2014-05-13 Joe WreschnigHandle surrogate pairs and combining characters correctly.
2014-05-13 Joe WreschnigMore efficient way to get LTR diffLerp editing.
2014-05-13 Joe WreschnigReverse edit strings so they change LTR, like fastLerp.
2014-05-13 Joe WreschnigAdd tests and build scripts.
2014-05-13 Joe WreschnigInterpolate between numeral-ish strings numerically.
2014-05-13 Joe WreschnigBetter function names.
2014-05-13 Joe WreschnigSwitch Levenshtein calculation to a flat, typed array.
2014-05-13 Joe WreschnigInitial lerping code.