Action: Don't need the owner in the constructor. Factory function to create a child.
[python-bulletml.git] / bulletml /
2010-03-21 Joe WreschnigDocumentation updates. Version 1.
2010-03-21 Joe WreschnigBasic static/moving circle collisions. (Fixes issue #5)
2010-03-20 Joe WreschnigBullet.FromDocument: Abstract weird constructor handling.
2010-03-19 Joe WreschnigExpose only top-level actions, not bullets or firings.
2010-03-19 Joe WreschnigBulletML.FromDocument: Type detector. Various setstate...
2010-03-19 Joe WreschnigYAML wrapper.
2010-03-18 Joe WreschnigPatter editing.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigNot 1.0 yet.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigDocumentation.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigRelease preparation.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigImplementation.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigINumberDef: Rounding version of NumberDef.
2010-03-15 Joe WreschnigExpression evaluator.