bulletml-runner: Construct bullets from the document.
[python-bulletml.git] / bulletml-runner
2010-04-22 Joe Wreschnigbulletml-runner: Construct bullets from the document.
2010-04-21 Joe WreschnigAction: Don't need the owner in the constructor. Factor...
2010-04-10 Joe WreschnigRe-reverse coordinate system to match OpenGL.
2010-03-23 Joe WreschnigOptional Pyrex extension for the collision module....
2010-03-21 Joe WreschnigBasic static/moving circle collisions. (Fixes issue #5)
2010-03-20 Joe WreschnigBullet.FromDocument: Abstract weird constructor handling.
2010-03-19 Joe WreschnigExpose only top-level actions, not bullets or firings.
2010-03-19 Joe WreschnigBulletML.FromDocument: Type detector. Various setstate...
2010-03-18 Joe WreschnigPsyco-enable the test runner. Fix a copy/paste error.
2010-03-18 Joe WreschnigPrevent divide by zero when the elapsed time is too...
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigBulletML: FromDocument for parity with FromElement.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigInclude 60Hz bullet estimate.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigMinor optimizations.
2010-03-17 Joe WreschnigFix pageup/pagedown during empty events.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigTest runner improvements.
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigGet my coordinate systems straight - 0,0 will be upper...
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigKnock out final bugs caused by misparenting. Runs all...
2010-03-16 Joe WreschnigPygame-based runner.