Simplify chdir shenanigans when building
[pwl6.git] /
2015-04-19 Joe WreschnigAvoid all 'arguments' mutation for Safari's sake.
2015-04-10 Joe WreschnigMigrate from node-webkit to NW.js.
2015-04-09 Joe WreschnigRemove notes on now mostly-diagnosed bug.
2015-04-09 Joe WreschnigCat paw mode.
2014-10-02 Joe WreschnigWork around a Safari JIT bug in arguments handling.
2014-10-02 Joe WreschnigUse Font Standard instead of Font Awesome.
2014-09-17 Joe WreschnigMobile Safari has a different user agent when standalone.
2014-09-17 Joe WreschnigStart documenting iOS 8 issues.
2014-09-11 Joe WreschnigUpdate BUGS for 1.1 and upcoming 1.2. v1.2
2014-09-08 Joe WreschnigName files by separating the version with _.
2014-09-08 Joe WreschnigInclude D3D compiler DLLs in Windows binaries.
2014-09-07 Joe WreschnigFix dismiss button scrolling off the top of overlays.
2014-09-07 Joe WreschnigUpgrade node-webkit to 0.10.4 for all platforms.
2014-09-05 Joe WreschnigBegin bug tracking.