Special-case yuu.Instrument for single-sample sounds.
[pwl6.git] / BUGS.org
1 * Next Version
2 ** Use standard Unicode codepoints for icon fonts
3 This is done via the [[https://korewanetadesu.com/pages/fontstandard.html][Font Standard]] icon font.
4 ** Sped up background and book noise animations
5 ** Cat paws
6 ** DONE Migrate to nw.js (from node-webkit)
8 ** DONE Safari 8 / iOS 8 support
9 This is the first version to support Safari on Mac OS X and iOS.
11 The primary problem in earlier versions appears to be a bug in
12 Safari's JIT when optimizing functions that modify JavaScript's
13 ~arguments~ object. Code triggering this bug was rewritten to avoid
14 modifying ~arguments~. This bug is further described in
15 https://korewanetadesu.com/safari-jit-bug.html and seems to still
16 exist in current versions of WebKit's new "FTL" JIT.
18 Prior to OS X 10.10, Safari on OS X will show [[https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=134854][artifacts on HiDPI
19 ("Retina") screens due to a bug in its compositing]].
23 * v1.2
24 ** DONE Override the GPU blacklist on GNU/Linux
25 This is a security measure Chromium enables for normal web
26 browsing, but it's not needed for a local application.
27 ** DONE Better error reporting
28 Error reporting now includes links to the [[https://yukkurigames.com/support.html][Yukkuri Games support
29 page]] and our email address, and a way to open the [[chrome://gpu]]
30 information pane.
33 * v1.1
34 ** DONE Upgrade node-webkit wrapper to 0.10.4
35 This moves the Windows version of Chromium several steps forward,
36 and fixes the stall that prevented the 0.10.x series from working
37 properly on Windows before.
38 ** DONE Close buttons don't scroll off the top of the dialog
39 Actually, they still do in most browsers, but as position: sticky
40 support rolls out, they will work correctly.
41 ** DONE Include DLLs necessary for broader Windows support
42 ** DONE Fix version number in OS X About dialog
45 * Open Issues
46 ** TODO Choppy / staticy audio on iOS
47 Especially when backgrounding, e.g. switching tabs. There's
48 probably no easy way to avoid this.
49 ** TODO Scrolling is broken in licensing window
50 This began when upgrading to nw.js 0.12 (from node-webkit 0.10.4). If
51 it's broken one place it's probably broken other places also.
53 Not reproducible in Chrome 42, so it's possible this was some
54 transient Chromium bug that will be gone in newer NW.js.