[pwl6.git] / BUGS.org
1 * v1.2
2 ** DONE Override the GPU blacklist on GNU/Linux
3 This is a security measure Chromium enables for normal web
4 browsing, but it's not needed for a local application.
5 ** DONE Better error reporting
6 Error reporting now includes links to the [[https://yukkurigames.com/support.html][Yukkuri Games support
7 page]] and our email address, and a way to open the [[chrome://gpu]]
8 information pane.
11 * v1.1
12 ** DONE Upgrade node-webkit wrapper to 0.10.4
13 This moves the Windows version of Chromium several steps forward,
14 and fixes the stall that prevented the 0.10.x series from working
15 properly on Windows before.
16 ** DONE Close buttons don't scroll off the top of the dialog
17 Actually, they still do in most browsers, but as position: sticky
18 support rolls out, they will work correctly.
19 ** DONE Include DLLs necessary for broader Windows support
20 ** DONE Fix version number in OS X About dialog
22 * Open Issues
23 ** TODO Safari handles WebGL device pixel scaling incorrectly
24 Given a device pixel ratio of 2, Safari will scale the backbuffer
25 incorrectly when rendering it (seems like it scales it down using
26 bilinear interpolation, then back up with the same) resulting in
27 something that looks worse than leaving the DPR set to 1.
29 This is not a real concern until we're ready to deploy a mobile web
30 version for iOS 8.