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1 date,name,placement,decklist_name,decklist_url
2 2014-06-15,"Columbus, Ohio Regionals",1,Fluttershy CN/pink aggro,
3 2014-06-15,"Columbus, Ohio Regionals",2,Fluttershy CN/purple aggro light stall,
4 2014-06-15,"Columbus, Ohio Regionals",3,Pegasus Explosion,
5 2014-06-15,"Columbus, Ohio Regionals",4,RD CN/white aggro,
6 2014-06-15,"Columbus, Ohio Regionals",5,50-card Rarity PR/yellow monster jank,
7 2014-06-15,"Columbus, Ohio Regionals",6,Ballroom Blitz,
8 2014-06-15,"Columbus, Ohio Regionals",7,Ballroom Blitz,
9 2014-06-15,"Columbus, Ohio Regionals",8,Ballroom Blitz,
10 2014-07-06,[Regionals] Everfree Northwest,1,Royal Guidance (Oppression Variation),
11 2014-07-06,[Regionals] Everfree Northwest,2,Taxes,
12 2014-07-06,[Regionals] Everfree Northwest,3,Cult of Smooze,
13 2014-07-06,[Regionals] Everfree Northwest,4,Fluttershy CN/blue midrange,
14 2014-07-06,[Regionals] Everfree Northwest,5,YOLO Pie,
15 2014-07-06,[Regionals] Everfree Northwest,6,Fluttershy CN/pink aggro,
16 2014-07-06,[Regionals] Everfree Northwest,7,Kindness/Conga Critters,
17 2014-07-06,[Regionals] Everfree Northwest,8,RD CN/orange Vittles Stand/Lead Pony Badge,
18 2014-07-14,Fiesta Equestria,1,One Pace with Gala Greeter,
19 2014-07-14,Fiesta Equestria,2,Pegasus Explosion Variant running CN Rainbow Dash,
20 2014-07-14,Fiesta Equestria,3,Purple/Orange vittles stand running CN AJ,
21 2014-07-14,Fiesta Equestria,4,Blue/White CN rainbow dash,
22 2014-07-14,Fiesta Equestria,5,Premiere Rarity/Taxes(updated for CN.),
23 2014-07-14,Fiesta Equestria,6,Flutterhate CN Fluttershy/White,
24 2014-07-14,Fiesta Equestria,7,CN Fluttershy/Pink,
25 2014-07-14,Fiesta Equestria,8,,
26 2014-07-15,Giga-Bites Gaming Cafe,1,CN Rainbow Dash Blue/White,
27 2014-07-15,Giga-Bites Gaming Cafe,2,Prem Rarity White/Pink,
28 2014-07-15,Giga-Bites Gaming Cafe,3,CN Rainbow Dash Blue/Orange,
29 2014-07-15,Giga-Bites Gaming Cafe,4,CN Fluttershy Yellow/White,
30 2014-07-15,Giga-Bites Gaming Cafe,5,CN Fluttershy Yellow/Pink,
31 2014-07-15,Giga-Bites Gaming Cafe,6,Prem Rainbow Dash Blue/Yellow,
32 2014-07-15,Giga-Bites Gaming Cafe,7,CN Fluttershy Yellow/Blue,
33 2014-07-15,Giga-Bites Gaming Cafe,8,CN Fluttershy Yellow/Purpl,
34 2014-07-15,Pandemonium Books and Games,1,Yellow/White midrange,
35 2014-07-15,Pandemonium Books and Games,2,Yellow/White midrange,
36 2014-07-15,Pandemonium Books and Games,3,Ballroom Blitz,
37 2014-07-15,Pandemonium Books and Games,4,Ballroom Blitz,
38 2014-07-15,Pandemonium Books and Games,5,Ballroom Blitz,
39 2014-07-15,Pandemonium Books and Games,6,Kindness,
40 2014-07-15,Pandemonium Books and Games,7,Yellow/White Midrange,
41 2014-07-15,Pandemonium Books and Games,8,Princess of the Night,
42 2014-07-20,Austin Dragon's Lair Store Championchips,1,The TrOutrageous Point Mill,
43 2014-07-20,Austin Dragon's Lair Store Championchips,2,Primere Rainbow with Dash/Pink,
44 2014-07-20,Austin Dragon's Lair Store Championchips,3,The Magic of Adventure,
45 2014-07-20,Austin Dragon's Lair Store Championchips,4,One Pace,
46 2014-07-20,Austin Dragon's Lair Store Championchips,5,,
47 2014-07-20,Austin Dragon's Lair Store Championchips,6,,
48 2014-07-20,Austin Dragon's Lair Store Championchips,7,,
49 2014-07-20,Austin Dragon's Lair Store Championchips,8,Critter Colosseum,
50 2014-07-21,Crazy Squirrel Store Championship,1,Royal Guidance,
51 2014-07-21,Crazy Squirrel Store Championship,2,Pegasus Explosion,
52 2014-07-21,Crazy Squirrel Store Championship,3,Taxes,
53 2014-07-21,Crazy Squirrel Store Championship,4,Rainbow Dash Wins,
54 2014-07-21,Crazy Squirrel Store Championship,5,Critters,
55 2014-07-21,Crazy Squirrel Store Championship,6,Blue/Purple Troublemakers,
56 2014-07-21,Crazy Squirrel Store Championship,7,Taxes,
57 2014-07-21,Crazy Squirrel Store Championship,8,Orange/Blue/Purple Control,
58 2014-07-21,Store Championships STL,1,Ballroom Blitz,
59 2014-07-21,Store Championships STL,2,Pinkie Pie CN/Blue Danse Macabre,
60 2014-07-21,Store Championships STL,3,Dream Catcher/Blue 0-Vanillas,
61 2014-07-21,Store Championships STL,4,No-TO Ballroom Blitz,
62 2014-07-21,Store Championships STL,5,Rarirty PR/Blue Midrange,
63 2014-07-21,Store Championships STL,6,No-TO Ballroom Blitz,
64 2014-07-21,Store Championships STL,7,Applejack PR/Yellow Midrange,
65 2014-07-21,Store Championships STL,8,No-TO Ballroom Blitz,
66 2014-07-24,Kapow Comics Store Championship,1,Groovin' Magic,
67 2014-07-24,Kapow Comics Store Championship,2,CN Fluttershy Yellow/White,
68 2014-07-24,Kapow Comics Store Championship,3,CN Pinkie Pie Pink/Yellow,
69 2014-07-24,Kapow Comics Store Championship,4,Princess Luna:Princess of the Night Purple/Blue,
70 2014-07-24,Kapow Comics Store Championship,5,Perm Rarity White/Blue,
71 2014-07-24,Kapow Comics Store Championship,6,Perm Dash Blue/Purple,
72 2014-07-24,Kapow Comics Store Championship,7,CN Fluttershy Yellow/Pink,
73 2014-07-24,Kapow Comics Store Championship,8,CN Fluttershy Yellow/Blue,
74 2014-07-28,[Regionals] Carta Magica ,1,Flutterphoque,
75 2014-07-28,[Regionals] Carta Magica ,2,Pegasus Explosion,
76 2014-07-28,[Regionals] Carta Magica ,3,Ballroom Blitz,
77 2014-07-28,[Regionals] Carta Magica ,4,Ballroom Blitz,
78 2014-07-28,[Regionals] Carta Magica ,5,Luna PotN/blue Frighten control,
79 2014-07-28,[Regionals] Carta Magica ,6,Fluttershy PR/blue 39 Friends,
80 2014-07-28,[Regionals] Carta Magica ,7,Applejack PR/purple weenie,
81 2014-07-28,[Regionals] Carta Magica ,8,,
82 2014-07-28,"Regional Championship @ FCB Comics and Games in Alpharetta, GA ",1,Shadow Boxing,
83 2014-07-28,"Regional Championship @ FCB Comics and Games in Alpharetta, GA ",2,"Yellow/White with Fluttershy, Friend to Animals",
84 2014-07-28,"Regional Championship @ FCB Comics and Games in Alpharetta, GA ",3,"Yellow/White with Fluttershy, Friend to Animals",
85 2014-07-28,"Regional Championship @ FCB Comics and Games in Alpharetta, GA ",4,"Yellow/White with Fluttershy, Friend to Animals",
86 2014-07-28,"Regional Championship @ FCB Comics and Games in Alpharetta, GA ",5,"Hellooo, Nurse!",
87 2014-07-28,"Regional Championship @ FCB Comics and Games in Alpharetta, GA ",6,"Yellow/Pink with Fluttershy, Friend to Animals",
88 2014-07-28,"Regional Championship @ FCB Comics and Games in Alpharetta, GA ",7,"Yellow/Purple with Fluttershy, Friend to Animals",
89 2014-07-28,"Regional Championship @ FCB Comics and Games in Alpharetta, GA ",8,Yayger,
90 2014-08-04,[Regionals] 401 Games,1,Flutterphoque,
91 2014-08-04,[Regionals] 401 Games,2,RD CN/white aggro,
92 2014-08-04,[Regionals] 401 Games,3,Applejack CN/yellow Jank,
93 2014-08-04,[Regionals] 401 Games,4,Fluttershy CN 0-Villain Royal Guidance,
94 2014-08-04,[Regionals] 401 Games,5,Big Flip Stomp,
95 2014-08-04,[Regionals] 401 Games,6,Pegasus Explosion,
96 2014-08-04,[Regionals] 401 Games,7,Ploof Critters,
97 2014-08-04,[Regionals] 401 Games,8,Fluttershy CN/orange Pumped,
98 2014-08-05,BronyCon,1,BBZ [w/ Epp!+Redheart+Eff Stop],
99 2014-08-05,BronyCon,2,BBZ [w/ Epp!+Redheart+Eff Stop],
100 2014-08-05,BronyCon,3,Blue/White Hyper Aggro,
101 2014-08-05,BronyCon,4,Flutterphoque,
102 2014-08-05,BronyCon,5,NMV,
103 2014-08-05,BronyCon,6,,
104 2014-08-05,BronyCon,7,,
105 2014-08-05,BronyCon,8,,
106 2014-08-05,Gameology - So.Cal ,1,No Pace,
107 2014-08-05,Gameology - So.Cal ,2,White/Yellow control,
108 2014-08-05,Gameology - So.Cal ,3,CN FS Yellow/Blue aggro,
109 2014-08-05,Gameology - So.Cal ,4,White/Yellow aggro,
110 2014-08-05,Gameology - So.Cal ,5,CN Celestia UR yellow purple control,
111 2014-08-05,Gameology - So.Cal ,6,PR Rarity White/purple control,
112 2014-08-05,Gameology - So.Cal ,7,CN FS Yellow/White aggro,
113 2014-08-05,Gameology - So.Cal ,8,CN FS Yellow/purple TM control,
114 2014-08-16,"Sydney, Australia Regionals",1,Element of Kindness (aka Fifty Seven),
115 2014-08-16,"Sydney, Australia Regionals",2,Ballroom Blitz,
116 2014-08-16,"Sydney, Australia Regionals",3,Flutterphoque,
117 2014-08-16,"Sydney, Australia Regionals",4,Yellow/White,
118 2014-08-16,"Sydney, Australia Regionals",5,Pensioners,
119 2014-08-16,"Sydney, Australia Regionals",6,Shadow Boxing,
120 2014-08-16,"Sydney, Australia Regionals",7,"White/Purple (I'm calling it ""Objection!"")",
121 2014-08-16,"Sydney, Australia Regionals",8,Yellow/White,
122 2014-08-17,South Australian regional,1,Pegasus Explosion,
123 2014-08-17,South Australian regional,2,Tri-Colour deck,
124 2014-08-17,South Australian regional,3,Yellow/Pink,
125 2014-08-17,South Australian regional,4,Pink/Purple,
126 2014-08-17,South Australian regional,5,Pants Off Blitz,
127 2014-08-17,South Australian regional,6,Mish Mash,
128 2014-08-17,South Australian regional,7,Royal Guidance,
129 2014-08-17,South Australian regional,8,Fear Me,
130 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,1,Nation Morath,
131 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,2,Paul Atherton,
132 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,3,Niko White,
133 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,4,Chris Ballew,
134 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,5,Charlotte White,
135 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,6,Francis Marino,
136 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,7,Donald Barksdale,
137 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,8,Luke Wyman,
138 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,9,Adam McHale,
139 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,10,Donnie Rose,
140 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,11,Erik Mooney,
141 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,12,Nicholas Hattwick,
142 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,13,Joe Harrington,
143 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,14,Ryan Hilton,
144 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,15,Ivan Rojas,
145 2014-08-21,North American Continental Championship,16,Thomas Burns,