2014-05-29 Joe Wreschnig"Better" approach.
2014-05-29 Joe WreschnigVery specific class.
2014-05-29 Joe WreschnigAdjust layout for tiny screens. Clean up indentation.
2014-05-29 Joe WreschnigHandle link nature of buttons in a nicer way by prevent...
2014-05-29 Joe WreschnigHandle "headgear" as a plural.
2014-05-20 Joe WreschnigNew website prototype. Remove spying from the Twitter...
2014-03-17 Joe WreschnigAdd feathers.
2014-03-17 Joe WreschnigAdd glow wands.
2014-03-17 Joe WreschnigRemove Twitter reference and improve format...
2013-08-02 Joe WreschnigAdd roman candles.
2013-07-19 Joe WreschnigAdd Jacob's ladder as ahat.
2013-07-09 Joe WreschnigAdd coffee to equipment list.
2013-07-08 Joe WreschnigPre-build item -> category mapping and simplify / optim...
2013-07-05 Joe WreschnigInitial import.