2014-08-26 Joe WreschnigCanonize another event, and rename a similar noncanon...
2014-08-26 Joe WreschnigAdd canon Veil of Shadow ability and noncanon events...
2014-08-26 Joe WreschnigThis event was in an official scenario.
2014-08-26 Joe WreschnigAct reasonably in the presence of noscript.
2014-08-25 Joe WreschnigEvent reference.
2014-08-25 Joe WreschnigTypo.
2014-08-25 Joe WreschnigNew event.
2014-08-25 Joe WreschnigUnique monsters are already near power limits.
2014-08-25 Joe WreschnigReanimate a spent card, not just defeated.
2014-08-24 Joe WreschnigInitial import.