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29 <title>Variants - Hero: Immortal King</title>
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32 <header>
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35 <main>
36 <h1>Canon Variants</h1>
37 <h2>Advanced Solitaire</h2>
38 <ul>
39 <li>
40 At the beginning of the game, if the adventuring party
41 consists of three or more adventurers, the dungeon begins with
42 1 Fear token.
43 </li>
44 <li>
45 When a quest is used for the first time, the dungeon gains 1
46 Fear token.
47 </li>
48 <li>
49 Each 12 dungeon cards defeated, the dungeon gains 1 Fear
50 token.
51 </li>
52 </ul>
53 <h1>Suggested Rules</h1>
54 <h2>Tactical Retreat</h2>
55 <p>
56 During the equipment phase, the adventurer player may, as many
57 times as she likes, discard one Courage token to
58 </p>
59 <ul>
60 <li>remove a Tenacity token from a face-up monster; or</li>
61 <li>return a face-up monster without a Tenacity token to its
62 deck, reshuffle it, and reveal a new card.</li>
63 </ul>
64 <p>
65 The dungeon master gains one Fear token for each Courage token
66 discarded.
67 </p>
68 <p>
69 This helps prevent "lock-out" situations while still imposing
70 a penalty if the player finds themselves in one.
71 </p>
72 <h2>Nem Akh</h2>
73 <p>
74 Change <strong>Nem Akh</strong>'s skill to:
75 </p>
76 <blockquote>
77 Start with 2 extra Courage tokens. You may gain 1 Courage token
78 when defeating the first card of each deck.
79 </blockquote>
80 <p>
81 In the usual case this provides the same number of Courage
82 tokens for only a little more work, which is offset by reducing
83 the risk of a <a href="abilities.html#C">C</a> card at the start
84 and letting the adventurer player bank the token for later. In
85 the case of the unusual dungeons described below, it makes her
86 ability remain useful.
87 </p>
89 <h1>Larger Dungeons</h1>
90 <h2>Longer Corridors</h2>
91 <p>
92 In the constructed game more than 45 cards can be used, in
93 multiples of six. The deck as a whole must meet the normal
94 deckbuilding criteria — equal amounts of each color, half with a
95 Mana icon. If the deck size is a multiple of six but not four,
96 it must have one card more of two colors, one of which has a
97 Mana icon.
98 </p>
99 <p>
100 For every six extra cards, the adventurer player may start with
101 one more Courage token; or for every 18, one more card. This can
102 be mixed and matched, e.g. 24 extra cards can be used to start
103 with four extra Courage tokens, or one extra Courage token and
104 one card.
105 </p>
106 <h2>Multiple Dungeons</h2>
107 <p>
108 Use the above variant skill for <strong>Nem Akh</strong>. After
109 defeating the final monster, the adventurer player:
110 </p>
111 <ul>
112 <li>
113 takes two Courage tokens.
114 </li>
115 <li>
116 must discard all revealed quests.
117 </li>
118 <li>
119 may discard unwanted adventurers. These are removed from the
120 game and <strong>Aka</strong>'s ultimate power cannot be used
121 to retrieve them.
122 </li>
123 <li>
124 returns all other non-adventurer cards to her collection. She
125 may spend any number of Courage tokens to keep that many
126 previously revealed objects; if she does they remain
127 revealed. (The dungeon master gains no Fear tokens for this.)
128 </li>
129 <li>
130 picks cards from her collection, back up to five total,
131 including kept revealed cards.
132 </li>
133 <li>
134 keeps the defeated final monster. It counts as one of each
135 color, but must be spent all at once.
136 </li>
137 </ul>
138 <p>
139 The dungeon master:
140 </p>
141 <ul>
142 <li>
143 can take up to one undefeated dungeon card of each color from
144 the previous deck and shuffle them into the next dungeon deck.
145 </li>
146 <li>
147 takes one Fear token per adventurer, plus one more.
148 </li>
149 <li>
150 deals out the corridors for the next dungeon.
151 </li>
152 <li>
153 starts the first Construction phase in the new dungeon.
154 </li>
155 </ul>
156 <p>
157 In the solitaire game a new scenario begins with Fear tokens and
158 the Fate Chart already at <strong>1</strong>.
159 </p>
160 <h2>The Deepest Dungeon</h2>
161 <p>
162 Prepare one dungeon deck of 48 cards, and another of 80. The decks
163 must follow the normal construction restrictions, and the same
164 <a href="abilities.html#Unique">Unique</a> card cannot be in
165 both decks.
166 </p>
167 <p>
168 Deal the 48 card deck out into three decks as usual. Below that,
169 deal the 80 card deck out into four decks, with 24 cards in the
170 center rows. Place final monsters face-down (if playing
171 solitaire, randomly and secretly), one at the top of the three
172 decks and the other two above the two center decks. The
173 resulting layout should look like:
174 </p>
175 <div><span class=card2>FM</span><br><span class=card1>16</span><span class=card1>16</span><span class=card1>16</span><br><span class=card2>FM</span><span class=card2>FM</span><br><span class=card1>16</span><span class=card1>24</span><span class=card1>24</span><span class=card1>16</span></div>
176 <p>
177 The adventurer player starts at the four bottom decks. The
178 leftmost three lead to the final monster on the left, and
179 the rightmost three to the final monster on the right.
180 Defeating the left one gives access to the top left and central
181 decks, and the right one, to the top central and right
182 decks.
183 </p>
184 <p>
185 (Or, if <strong>Aksuetu</strong> or another effect causes an
186 extra deck to be dealt,
187 </p>
188 <div><span class=card2>FM</span><br><span class=card1>12</span><span class=card1>12</span><span class=card1>12</span><span class=card1>12</span><br><span class=card2>FM</span><span style="display: inline-block; width: 3.375em"></span><span class=card2>FM</span><br><span class=card1>16</span><span class=card1>16</span><span class=card1>16</span><span class=card1>16</span><span class=card1>16</span></div>
189 <p>
190 The leftmost three lead to the final monster on the left, and
191 the rightmost three to the final monster on the right. Defeating
192 the left one gives access to the top leftmost two, and the right
193 one, to the top rightmost two.)
194 </p>
195 <p>
196 The turn sequence proceeds as usual. The adventurer player wins
197 by defeating the final monster at the top.
198 </p>
199 <ul>
200 <li>
201 for three Fear tokens the dungeon master may reveal a final
202 monster, enabling its effect. Otherwise, a final monster is
203 revealed when the adventurers empty a deck that reaches
204 it.
205 </li>
206 <li>
207 effects that affect dungeon cards, such as
208 <a href="abilities.html#Bubbleyes">Bubbleyes&nbsp;+X</a>,
209 affect all face-up dungeon cards on both levels.
210 </li>
211 <li>
212 effects that reshuffle or move dungeon cards apply to both
213 levels, but separately. They are never shuffled together, and
214 the dungeon master cannot swap top and bottom decks.
215 </li>
216 <li>
217 upon defeating a final monster, the adventurer player may take
218 two Courage tokens, one new card from her collection, and
219 the final monster. It counts as one of each color, but must be
220 spent all at once.
221 </li>
222 </ul>
223 </main>
224 </body>
225 </html>