Split view management out of NJDeviceController. Right now this probably just makes...
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2013-03-13 Joe WreschnigSupport relaunching in the background as part of resume...
2013-03-13 Joe WreschnigAdd mapping for 6180 the moon.
2013-03-13 Joe WreschnigStoring releases in git is not tenable now that Sparkle...
2013-03-11 Joe WreschnigAdd Sparkle automatic updater.
2013-03-11 Joe WreschnigAdd mapping for KRUNCH.
2013-03-08 Joe WreschnigFix text alignment.
2013-03-08 Joe WreschnigCopyedit, new mappings.
2013-03-08 Joe WreschnigImprove website.
2013-03-08 Joe WreschnigAdd website source. version-1.0