Mandatory filename for icon.
[enjoyable.git] / Info.plist
2013-03-07 Joe WreschnigMandatory filename for icon.
2013-03-07 Joe WreschnigSupport opening/adding a mapping file directly to impor...
2013-03-06 Joe WreschnigLess crap in the dock menu.
2013-03-06 Joe WreschnigMove help files around. Build index correctly.
2013-03-06 Joe WreschnigStart help book. Tweak UI to deal with issues discovere...
2013-03-05 Joe WreschnigSupport sudden and automatic termination.
2013-03-01 Joe WreschnigFix up copyright notices.
2013-03-01 Joe WreschnigRename from Enjoy/Enjoy2 to 'Enjoyable'. While I'm...
2013-02-26 Joe WreschnigUpdate version and set build target to 10.6.
2012-07-27 Frank HuangForked Enjoy, mouse movement